LETTER:Breakfast gone wrong

My wife and I recently took our son, a 20 year retired U.S. Army airborne ranger, out to breakfast to celebrate his 18-year old son’s cancer-free diagnosis.

He had Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

It was a long-drawn-out process but my grandson was a trooper and we are pleased and relieved.

My son served in Fallujah and Mosul, Iraq and was there for the Forward Operating Base Merez dining facility bombing where he witnessed 21 Americans lose their lives including his close buddy SSG Julian Melo.

We went to a favorite café where we were carded for our vaccination records.

My wife and I produced ours but our son left his at home.

He had to be fully vaccinated in order to be with his son at his treatment.

I tried to vouch for my son but was told we had to leave, we would not be served.

Stunned we got up and left with looks of scorn following, as we walk out the door.

My son defended our country for 20 years, never missed a beat and loves his country.

Kind of reminds me when the Vietnam vets returned home only to be spat upon.

It serves no purpose to name the restaurant, but we will never eat there again.

I guess they don’t need my money.

This is a forced error and was rude.

God bless our service members. They do not deserve this kind of treatment.

Robert A. Beausoleil

Port Angeles