LETTER:Appreciated ER

Four days ago, I was stung by a hornet and went into anaphylactic shock.

My husband got me to the emergency room within 15 minutes but by then I was losing consciousness and in severe distress.

I don’t know the names of the registration person or the staff who got me from the waiting room to the trauma room, I wish I did so I could thank them personally.

But, I do remember waking up to several nurses by my side, an OB nurse who was helping in the ER, Kyle, the trauma nurse, and Dr. Adam Rush.

And I will never forget looking into my husband’s face, which was stricken in worry, as he watched the medical team care for me.

Thanks to the fast work and care from Kyle, Dr. Rush and the other ER staff, I recovered and was able to go home later that day.

I am so grateful to them.

I know it’s frustrating and easy to criticize the ER staff when the wait time to be seen is long, but, we are so fortunate to have this state of the art emergency room and the dedicated physicians, nurses and staff who come to work to help us every day.

Thank you, also, Darryl Wolfe and Dr. Scott Kennedy for supporting the emergency room and our community.

Pamela Hawney

Port Angeles