LETTER:America’s future

We have all been through a lot during the virus the last two years: lockdowns, school closures, job loss, small business closures, infection with the virus, viral morbidity and mortality, social isolation and, more recently, a reduction in our standard of living due to inflation.

The average middle class person finds it increasingly difficult to purchase a home or find an affordable place to rent.

The next opportunity for voters to elect people who care about the lives of the working class is November.

In March of this year Joe Biden issued an executive order to investigate the possibility of developing a national digital currency.

I think this would likely include the establishment of a national bank which would have access to all your personal financial transactions, creating the possibility of governmental control of your finances.

More recently the Biden administration is proposing a commission which, as I understand it, would be responsible for determining what information is allowed in the public discourse and what would be prohibited.

These two executive orders raise concern regarding government control of our personal lives.

Four legislative contests are very important in regard to our future: Kevin Van de Wege and Connie Beauvais; Steve Tharinger and Brian Pruiett; Mike Chapman and Sue Forde; and Derek Kilmer and Elizabeth Kreiselmaier.

Please examine the websites of conservative candidates Beauvais, Pruiett, Forde and Kreiselmaier.

You will discover that they support policies that will preserve the middle class, the people who made America great.

Your vote will determine the future of life in America.

Terry Trudel

Port Angeles