LETTER: Why so many White House leaks? Maybe because Trump’s ignorance terrifies all

Trump’s White House leaks like a sieve, as reported by major news outlets including Fox.

Why is that?

Why is his staff acting in such an obviously disloyal manner?

Could it be that they don’t like him?

But if so, why did they go to work for him?

Given that he often undercuts his staff’s positions after they got agreement from him, could it be that they don’t trust him?

For example, his senior staff, including his secretary of state, worked on his NATO speech and it reportedly included a strong statement of U.S. support for Article 5, the agreement that an attack on one member nation was an attack on all.

Trump agreed to it, his staff agreed to it, then he reportedly left it out when he gave the speech, leaving his senior staff to go back and patch things up with the NATO members.

I think that the reason there are so many leaks, from our intelligence community as well as from within the White House, is that informed people are terrified by the ignorance, recklessness and indifference of their leader.

The major networks have reported that five-page intelligence briefs have to be shortened to a one-page bullet list so that Trump understands them, that if his name is not mentioned at least three times within that one page, he loses interest.

It is a complex world, and we need a leader who can master complex ideas, not one whose singular focus is to repeal everything that Obama thought good.

Ian Robertson,