LETTER: Supports Kidd

I support Cherie Kidd for Clallam County Director of Community Development because she gets things done, because she has long experience in our local government and because she represents property-tax-paying citizens like you and me.

Take, for example, the new safety fences she worked to have installed on the Eighth Street bridges.

One of the two major responsibilities of local government is public safety.

Have you noticed that since these fences have gone up, no more depressed teenagers have jumped to their deaths from the Eighth Street bridges?

The other major responsibility for local government is physical infrastructure.

Cherie Kidd led the fight to update and enlarge the Shore Pool complex.

That is infrastructure.

Vote Cherie Kidd for Director of Community Development.

David Johnson

Port Angeles

EDITOR’S NOTE: No teenagers have been reported as having jumped from the Eighth Street bridges since the safety barriers were installed in 2018, replacing the fences installed in 2009 with taller ones, an action Kidd adamantly sought. Police reported that a 36-year-old man jumped to his death from the Tumwater Truck route in February 2021, the first suicide since the taller barriers were put into place.

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