LETTER: Supports 2nd Amendment

I’m saddened by the deaths and hardships resulting from the coronavirus that is affecting us all in these trying times.

Not ignoring that, I also feel for the unnecessary deaths from the Nova Scotia mass shooting on April 18-19 and the victims’ families.

Canada has some of the most restrictive laws on gun ownership comparable to California.

So now Prime Minister Trudeau promises swift action on gun control, expanding on what hasn’t worked.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is not releasing information on the weapons, perhaps because they were classified as prohibited, restricted or non-restricted, but it did say the murderer didn’t have a firearms possession license.

Global News said he had access to multiple firearms, but didn’t know how he obtained them.

Instead of exploiting this tragedy during the pandemic as the progressive, liberal left-wing anti-Second Amendment gun prohibitionists do in this country, they should learn from it.

Gun control won’t prevent tragedies.

There has been a large increase of first-time gun buyers in the U.S. wanting to protect themselves in case of civil unrest resulting from virus prevention restrictions and jail/prison releases.

It appears some are incredulously finding out the anti-gun laws they have been backing severely restricts their unalienable rights.

This virus doesn’t know geographic boundaries and gun control will not stop it.

It will pass but the gun safety advocates will still try to impose their misinformed will on us.

The right to keep and bear arms is a human right.

Roger M. Foszcz

Port Angeles