LETTER: Sees bias

The story about candidates for the executive director position for the Port of Port Angeles showed bias on the part of those selecting a new director.

I wish to focus on the comment made by Commissioner Connie Beauvais, “The couple of people at the top for me have such broad knowledge and experience, it doesn’t matter to me if they were quadriplegic. They were still at the top of my acceptance list.”

Is she saying that people with disabilities are less than?

Is she surprised that a quadriplegic has broad knowledge and experience?

It has been an insult to citizens of the United States and Clallam County to hear and witness the harassment, violence, and hate directed at our Black, Native American, and Asian communities.

Now Ms. Beauvais makes a biased comment about the disabled community.

Would she have made the same comment if the paraplegic were Black?

Each person is unique, with unique talents and abilities.

Each is of value to our community.

These types of comments coming from people in elected positions are simply abhorrent.

It is disgraceful, shows lack of insight into the racial and prejudicial statements that are made daily by all sectors of the human population.

We all carry prejudices and biases.

We need to honestly evaluate where those come from within ourselves and make a pledge to do better.

How are we to begin to make a positive difference in the morality, goodness and equity of our community when we hear biased comments coming from our officials?

Think it through, Ms. Beauvais.

Do better.

Nancy Martin Jacobson


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