LETTER: Port Townsend resident makes cattle guard for deer

I live in Port Townsend — a city that is overrun by deer.

There are so many now that they’re eating plants that they normally don’t eat.

Their only predators are cars.

It is illegal to use firearms in town.

The City Council watches while the citizens build fences.

I was thinking: I need a cattle guard.

So I made one.

I bought a 6-foot roll of heavy-duty plastic netting.

The length I needed was 55 feet.

I placed it on the ground and then folded it in half — it’s only 3 feet wide.

Between the netting I placed various sticks and stones so that netting is slightly raised.

Humans walk over it easily, animals don’t.

Deer can high jump, but they cannot long jump.

Voila, my cattle guard!

Brenda McMillan,

Port Townsend