LETTER: Obama needs to get the message that his advice, he himself not wanted

I recently heard on the news that Barack Obama said he is not going away after he leaves office.

He plans to live in Washington, D.C., where he will make himself available to our political leaders who wish to seek his advice regarding political issues.

He also plans to voice his opinions when the Trump administration makes decisions and takes actions that are contrary to his (Obama’s) beliefs regarding matters of interest to our country and our people.

Oh please spare us. Someone needs to send Obama the message that we have had enough of his pathetic leadership and he needs to just go away

As it is, it will take America a few generations to “right the ship” that Obama and his associates have attempted to sink.

Perhaps Kenya or some struggling Middle Eastern nation will have a need for an over-the-hill, washed-up American politician — and not a very good one at that.

Or he could move to his luxurious home in Hawaii to write his memoirs.

He could call it “A Legacy and Memoirs for Radicals.”

In the meantime, who knows what Obama has planned for us between now and the end of his term in office in January 2017?

One thing that I suspect, based on Obama’s devious past, is that he will do anything to ensure the transition of the presidency to his adversary, Donald Trump, is made as difficult as possible.

Doug McClary,