LETTER: Not safer

As a motorcycle rider with over 40 years of experience, the road condition on U.S. Highway 101 around Morse Creek is way more of a hazard today than before this project started.

The moving of traffic lanes to make room for the divider has made this road a challenge.

You have to move around a lot in the lanes to try and find good asphalt to ride on.

With all the cracks that have been sealed with tar, which we call road snakes, they get real slick when it rains.

This was a problem before this project started.

With what has been done to the road surface and then the black sealer that was sprayed over the road, it’s made it very hard to see the road surface hazards.

I just can’t believe that this is the result of trying to make a section of road safer.

As a taxpayer, I am not very happy, and as a motorcycle rider, I am afraid that many more lives will be hurt or even lost.

If the state thinks this is an acceptable way to fix highways, tax dollars were not well spent.

Why was the road not repaved?

David Moody

Port Angeles

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