LETTER: Not isolationist

A recent letter to the editor mischaracterizes of President Trump as isolationist. While we may agree or disagree with specific policies, in no way can they be described as disengaged from the world.

For some highlights, Trump:

Coordinated purging ISIS from stolen lands by employing American air power to augment local forces.

Brokered numerous peace agreements between Arab states and Israel and between each other.

Reduced the number of American troops at risk in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Negotiated a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico.

Gained Mexico’s assistance in slowing illegal migration from Latin American countries.

Achieved a pause in North Korea’s testing of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

Moved our embassy to Jerusalem.

Trumpism may better be described as anti-globalist, not isolationist.

The letter further errs by including the Marshal Plan in its list of historical internationalist achievements,

such as the UN, NATO, World Bank, etc.

The Marshal Plan was an American show and successful because it did not depend on an international committee for execution.

Concerning NATO, Trump helped to save NATO by persuading NATO members to pay their fair share.

NATO may not be an organization that Trump would have started, but, when confronted with it, he did

much to make it better.

Perhaps the term realist fits Trumpism better than any other.

Donnie Hall,


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