LETTER: Migrant labor

The last 30 years, some of us have heard that Mexicans are here to do the work we won’t do.

Both parties seem to agree with this philosophy.

Quite an insult that you are categorized as a second-class human, with not enough brains to compete with the rest of society, but boy, can you pick apples.

Odd, there seem to be no homeless migrants on our streets.

More than 178,000 crossed our southern border in April. Where are they?

Perhaps they should be applying for work with all the help wanted signs out — oops, can’t do that, many of them are children.

Will we pay them $15 per hour? Or will they be cheap labor?

Our leaders have muffed this problem, It will not fix itself.

Secure the border, stop the drug flow, stop human trafficking and let people earn a living. Self-respect will come naturally.

If you can’t see both sides of this, you must be a politician.

This is so screwed up for so long the rest of the world laughs at us.

Good grief.

Robert A. Beausoleil

Port Angeles

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