LETTER: MAT clinic would bring only problems to Sequim

There are those who make obscene amounts of money off addictions, including gambling, alcohol, tobacco and methadone.

Methadone does not cure as some have claimed.

It is a big pharma addictive drug that is substituted for a street addictive drug.

Do you want more panhandlers on the street corners, more car prowls in the Costco parking lots, more homeless encampments?

Just look at Port Angeles: The state had to come in to clear the drug and homeless encampment just this last month.

Just ask the Port Angeles Police Department what has happened to their crime rate and what they have to deal with now.

You are not powerless in this.

Sequim is worth preserving.

And as for the City Council members and mayor, you know what to do.


Methadone does not work, never has.

But if a treatment facility is wanted, put it next to the new pot store in Blyn.

And don’t worry about access, the bus stops there.

Cindi McNabb,