LETTER: Lighten up about the election

From Sequim

I voted in the last 13 elections.

Sometimes my guy won, sometimes he lost.

I believe every one of those presidential elections was fairly won by the laws of this land.

I’ve been disappointed in all of the winners on some level, but managed to find something good coming out of most of them.

Just what should you expect out of the president?

To me it’s how he has managed the country.

How has he improved my life, and the country as a whole?

To judge a president by your opinion of his previous life, looks, swagger, race or political party will close your mind to any accomplishments he makes.

Politics is dirty business.

It always has been.

Let the candidates slug it out.

In this age of biased press and computer sites, it seems to me people are getting worked up to a rabid frenzy.

The absolute hatred displayed these days makes me think some people are too close-minded to examine and use logic in any situation.

Please lighten up, think for yourself and give consideration to the opposing views.

John Duquette