LETTER: Let’s harken back to our heritage as an American agenda

The American Dream has been supplanted by partisan politics and divisiveness.

I am scared that the America I love will not be the America of my adult children and grandchildren.

America’s present democracy is not the 1776 democracy of our Founding Fathers.

Too many of our leaders and citizenry in recent decades have become entrenched in the red or blue of partisan politics, resulting in a “Disunited States of America,” where name-calling and divisiveness have become the reality and mutual respect and critical thinking that targets problem-solving both face extinction.

Instead of working together, too many of our national leaders have politicized all three branches of government, most recently the Supreme Court, as evidenced by partisan votes and the Citizens United decision.

They are working for their own agendas at the expense of the American agenda.

Let’s be honest: This pathway leads to autocracy, not democracy.

Accepting blame has become extinct by either “red” or “blue” lawmakers and their surrogates for decisions that do not perpetuate the American Dream.

Would America be better off if citizens divorced themselves from partisan politics and demanded leaders focus on our national flag — the red, white and blue — in an arena of mutual respect and critical thinking?

I believe every citizen and leader should seriously ask: Do I value the U.S. more than partisan politics?

Let’s reintroduce our American heritage to a time when Americans appreciated fellow Americans and practiced the democracy we symbolize to the rest of the world.

Let’s be in this process together.

Let’s be independent thinkers, not dependent thinkers, and remember our heritage.

Jack Iacolucci,