LETTER: It’s a better time for self-reflection than mocking Obama’s reign

Of late, I’ve read a few letters mocking President Obama, describing him as an “incompetent radical” [“Obama ‘pathetic,’” Jan. 15, Peninsula Voices] and portraying his eight-year reign as a failure.

These letters tote a common theme, plenty of angry rhetoric, yet lack detail as to what kind of greatness we can anticipate from the next administration.

So I ask these disenchanted voters: What are your expectations during the next four years?

Do you long for a return to the great old days of George W. Bush, maestro of the Great Recession and Iraq War?

Are you eager for a new era of strong, Putin-style leadership?

When you read descriptions of life for the common Russian citizen, do you froth with envy?

Personally, I feel fortunate to reside in the United States now, especially in the beautiful North Olympic Peninsula.

During the past eight years, my perception of our country is one of a prosperous nation where freedom of mobility, expression and potential to participate in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are as great as they have been at any time during my 66-year life.

Obviously there are problems, and with luck, they will they be handled with executive, legislative and judicial integrity.

With due respect, though, how much blame for whatever ails you is accountable to a president and how much to your own choices?

My choice was not Trump, but when obstacles arise, it’s less attributable to any president and mostly due to the person looking back at me in the mirror.

Kenneth Evans,

Port Angeles