LETTER: It takes courage to look for solutions

It takes critical thinking to unearth common sense, then it takes significant courage to look for a solution to a personal problem or a communal problem.

Only when we are honest with ourselves and stop blaming anyone else can we discover that as individuals, we have acquiesced in some way to the line of reasoning that supports the status quo.

Whether we consciously or unconsciously give our power to others, by doing so, we signify our agreement with the standards — their values, morals, ethics, ideals and principles — that influence their actions.

Most important, individually and collectively, we pay a penalty because we have postponed the payment that freedom will always demand: honesty, integrity and goodwill toward all.

The human spirit makes all things possible.

When we individually meet the challenge that self-discipline carries with it, blow the whistle on our own complicity and share our insights, we will not only reclaim our personal power but will be able to come to consensus — the communal power that will stop the tyranny of those who wield their power inappropriately to the detriment of all who come under their governance.

A peaceful world takes more than a majority; it takes a common purpose and the personal courage to be a revolutionary humanitarian — a spiritual and political rebel.

Joy Beaver,