LETTER: Including hybrid cars in electric fee highway robbery

Our state legislators and governor have done it to us again.

It took them about 15 years to figure out that the state was going to lose gas tax revenue.

In a somewhat secretive ploy, those idiots passed a bill essentially taxing hybrid vehicle owners an extra $75 a year to own one.

They call it a fee, but it’s really a tax.

We own two hybrids. Both my wife and I are retired. We bought them to save money on gasoline and to assist on supporting the green movement.

Now, we’re penalized for owning them.

And, for what use for that extra contribution to the state?

To finance electric car charging stations, something that hybrid car owners don’t even use.

Somebody better talk to our not-so-smart local state representatives.

They’re promoting gas guzzlers and anti-environmental legislation.

I wonder how our representatives voted on that issue.

I wonder if our local car sales companies said anything.

Ours sure didn’t warn us when we bought another hybrid two months ago.

It’s simply highway robbery.

Don Thomas,


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