LETTER: How is this patriotic?

Once again, I read a person calling the inconsiderate people who have refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19 “Great Patriots.”

How are they patriotic in the slightest? Why is it patriotic to refuse to be vaccinated against a life-threatening disease?

I could see that if the coronavirus only would send you to bed with the sniffles for a few days. I really wouldn’t have a problem with these people refusing to get a vaccination. But the coronavirus will kill you.

And refusing a vaccination that will slow the infection rate, if not stop it in its tracks, is beyond inconsiderate, it is totally insane.

Have these people checked out the numbers on infections rates and deaths from the virus?

More than half of the people clogging the hospitals and morgues right now have not been vaccinated. Do they think that’s some wild coincidence?

And what is worse, some of these so-called patriots work in the medical professions, and that is the epitome of crazy and inconsiderate.

If they’re going to possibly get the virus and infect untold numbers of other people, I am all for them being fired from their jobs. I wouldn’t want them interacting with the public.

Alan Cummings

Port Angeles