LETTER: Hate shouldn’t be given a platform through Michelle Malkin’s column

My heart went out to the letter writer who disliked Michelle Malkin (“Dislikes Malkin,” Sept. 8, PDN).

We canceled our subscription to Peninsula Daily News for the same reason and now only pick up a paper occasionally.

We miss reading different opinions in the paper at breakfast, but Ms. Malkin’s toxic views gave us heartburn.

Take this last column on Sept. 8 in which she declares that DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] kids deserve nothing.

Punishing children for their parents’ wrongdoing is clearly wrong — akin to convicting an innocent man for crimes he didn’t commit — but Ms. Malkin avoids addressing this issue and goes straight to the right-wing playbook of trashing their reputations and reducing their humanity in a weak attempt to justify her divisive opinion.

I would bet that if someone attempted to punish their children in the same way, Ms. Malkin and her devoted readers would scream the loudest about how unfair and immoral it was.

It’s a shame that conservatism today seems to have lost all common decency.

Who wants to read about it constantly?

Not us.

We believe hate shouldn’t be given a platform as if it were simply another opinion; it isn’t.

Hate simply seeks to divide and destroy, and remember, divided we fall.

Kathleen Laney,

Port Angeles