LETTER: First Amendment integral to a free nation, free thinking

The First Amendment is fundamental to our democracy.

It is the foundation of our religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of press, the right to peaceable assembly and to petition for a governmental redress of grievances.

Countries that don’t have this protection include China, North Korea and Russia, among others.

The Trump administration’s power is based on creating anger: It must create an “other” to fear or another external threat.

If it controls our fear and anger, it controls us.

To do this, it must control the message.

The White House’s fabricated, post-fact “news” is designed to distract our attention with issues that direct our concerns in ways that benefit its agenda.

Objective truth contradicts the administration messages and “alternative facts.”

This is why the administration continually attacks the media.

The media is the enemy of tyrants, not the enemy of the people.

We must support our information sources.

Subscribe to an in-depth, high-integrity news source.

Gold-standard, minimal-bias online sources include National Public Radio and the BBC.

If you want to compare viewpoints, The New York Times is slightly left of center and the Wall Street Journal is slightly right.

The Peninsula Daily News provides a well-balanced selection of ideas — except for Friday columnist Michelle Malkin, of course.

There are other conservative writers who provide viewpoints rather than adolescent, divisive name-calling.

These high-integrity news sources require our support.

Investigative reporting is labor-intensive and expensive.

Online sources provide content at a reasonable cost.

Roger Slagle,