LETTER: Fascist capitalism

The worst fear of our Founding Fathers was the destruction of our constitutional republic by a powerful malicious faction.

That faction has materialized. It is Donald Trump’s Republican Party.

Our republic, our government by the people, has been usurped by a cabal of wealthy, corporate, media interests, which increasingly dominate our government through election finance, lobbying, partisan redistricting, propaganda, graft and insurrection.

Their life’s purpose is the acquisition of wealth regardless of the interests of the nation or the planet.

We are now engaged in a mortal struggle with a serious pandemic and its devastating economic and social effects.

This Republican cabal reflexively argues that we cannot afford proposed increases in federal pandemic recovery spending because it would require higher taxes or increased debt and lead to socialism.

In the case of increased taxes, pandemic spending would be money that would otherwise remain in their pockets.

Republicans are a little more flexible on the national debt.

They quadrupled it over the last two decades seriously wasting the nation’s debt capacity for future emergencies like pandemics, natural disasters or recessions.

However, they used that massive borrowing predominantly for their own benefit to finance Republican tax cuts, Republican wars and a Republican economic recession recovery.

Republicans now threaten to shut down the government, default on the U.S. debt and continue to tolerate insurrection.

Democrats need to stop pussyfooting around about this mortal threat to our nation.

That threat is not Democratic socialism as Republicans often falsely allege.

That threat is Republican fascist capitalism.

Malcolm D. McPhee