LETTER: False alarmism on global warming

The Wednesday, Oct. 2, the Seattle Times article “Climate change threatens health in Pacific Northwest” in the Peninsula Daily News is full of deceptions and unfounded claims.

The cause of more smoke in our area is not climate change, but grossly inadequate forest management.

Wildfire data from the national organization coordinating wildfire-fighting efforts, the NIFC-NICC, proves that the number of wildfires has not increased over recent years.

However, the acreage burned has increased, due to the failure to conduct controlled burns, quickly attack fires when the fire danger is high and harvest forests before they can burn.

It is highly deceptive to report more deaths during hot weather without noting that there has been a more marked decrease in cold weather deaths for a net reduction in temperature-related deaths during the slight warming we have experienced.

Also, World Health Organization data show a phenomenal more than 98 percent decrease in worldwide per capita deaths due to extreme events over the past 100 years — a great indication that we have used technology to avoid and adapt to weather problems.

It is also a lie to claim that increased CO2 “reduces nutrients in plants.”

This is dominantly a public health issue, not a weather issue.

The worst malaria outbreak in recent history was in Siberia in the 1920s.

Proponents of bigger government, to get more control and achieve more socialistic-type programs, are using climate change alarmism.

Gene Farr,

Port Townsend

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