LETTER: Erickson for judgeship

Having been an official court reporter for 20 years in Clallam County Superior Court, I was allowed the pleasure of working for judges Tyler C. Moffett, G.B. Chamberlin, Grant Meiner, Gary Velie, George Wood and Ken Williams as well as many visiting judges from other jurisdictions.

The last 20 years of my career I was a freelance court reporter.

During that time I gained a lot of knowledge regarding characteristics, experience and overall knowledge that a judge should have to best serve the citizens of Clallam County.

The choice that I want to share with everyone for Superior Court judge is Lauren Erickson.

Lauren is a proven entity, have been successfully on the bench. She is honest, compassionate and has the wherewithal to handle the massive amounts of court case that will be forthcoming.

Please know that Lauren is the choice that will allow our courts to maintain a consistent flow as well as servicing Clallam County efficiently.

Please join me in choosing Lauren Erickson for judge of the Superior Court.

Edie Beck

Port Angeles