LETTER: Doesn’t think Trump should be reelected

From Sequim

With the election coming up in November, you may want to ask yourself “what qualities make a good leader?”

Here are some important traits we should be looking for when casting our vote for the next president: honesty, humility, empathy, accountability, courage and trust.

As far as the incumbent is concerned, can we believe anything he says when he has spoken thousands of lies since he took office 3 ½ years ago?

Does he have any humility or empathy?

When it comes to accountability, he is the expert in placing blame elsewhere.


Can you say a bully has courage?

Can you say that a man who dares to criticize a war hero like John McCain, and through his connections manages to sidestep any military service himself, can you say he has courage?

Can we trust this man of such low character?

The presidency of this great nation is a very important job.

The requirements for the job should include the traits I have listed above.

When you vote, please consider character.

Nicholas Parry