LETTER: Doesn’t buy candidates and global warming hoax

First I wish to thank the writer of “Climate focus” (PDN, Oct. 27) for publishing a list of candidates I will not vote for in next Tuesday’s election.

Second climate change is nothing but a figment of computer-generated imagination. Before computer modeling there was no such thing as climate change. At very best it is nothing more than an unproven theory swallowed wholesale by the gullible.

As Bertrand Russell stated, “The fact that an opinion is widely held is no evidence whatever that it isn’t utterly absurd. Indeed, in view of the silliness if the majority of mankind a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.”

Question: Where is the glacier in Clallam County?

Oh, it’s gone already, melted away in one of our torrid summers.

“Biblical-scale 100-year storms?”

There is an Ark replica in Kentucky, but it’s high and dry.

Funny — I’m 88 and hurricanes have been occurring my entire lifetime.

After all, the world did exist before the writer was born.

Shrinking water supplies: If an act of utter and abject stupidity had not occurred, Lakes Aldwell and Mills would still be in existence assuring a constant supply of fresh water likely as long as the Elwha River continued to flow.

The theory of climate change is nothing more than a modern day hoax.

Ethan Harris,