LETTER: Deeper than racism

From Port Angeles

Pessimism abounds throughout this world as angry mobs destroy history while blaming those citizens who preceded them as the cause of our current dilemma.

Let’s dig deeper.

Some say racism is the main reason for this trouble.

It goes much deeper.

This rage shows little sign of declining and that frightens us, just as the sponsors wish.

The bedrock of our country has been the American family, which is now seriously at risk due to endless rioting and despair.

This is the war in which we are now engaged.

The positive outcome of previous wars was assured by American families.

If we carefully examine this family unit today we have much to be concerned with.

Could we fight another war like we have in the past to save our country?

Of course not and surely in this war.

Families taught values.

Fathers were mostly present.

Churches had children in them.

Wedding vows were recited to get things off on the right foot.

Discipline in schools was firm.

We even had scouting programs that taught self-reliance and provided direction for young lives.

Will the dilemma we face provide families with the tools they need come from the internet, the main source of today’s information.

Glen Wiggins

Port Angeles

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