LETTER: Clinic site to downtown Sequim is walkable

I am not taking a position on the proposed clinic but I would like to take issue with a statement of “fact” in the commentary titled “LWV studies, supports Healing Campus.”

After four paragraphs extolling its methodology and care in research the LWV in the very next paragraph states that the location would not be “walkable” to downtown Sequim.

Not walkable to downtown Sequim?

That was at odds with my recollections of ramblings in the area so I decided to see if there was something new or that I had forgotten.

I parked in the Costco lot and set out down Washington Street.

Nice wide sidewalks on both sides.

It took eight minutes to get to the Safeway lot.

Seemed pretty walkable but maybe that wasn’t downtown.

I went on down to Sequim Avenue, which took another 14 minutes.

How is this not walkable?

Full disclosure: I will be 80 next month and wear braces on both knees.

Many people walk faster than I do.

John Griset,