LETTER: Change council

The time to make change for the better is in this upcoming election for Port Angeles City Council.

It has been my observation from the looks of our city we need new leadership in town.

I have been listening to the city council meetings and, to my surprise, find it very concerning.

All the seats are biased in their views, and it is their way or the highway.

We need individuals who are willing to work for the citizens of Port Angeles and not self-serving.

I’m asking for your due diligence in getting these new positive candidates on the city council to renew our city.

Here are quotes from some candidates in the Washington Secretary of State Voters’ Pamphlet:

Adam Garcia, running for Position 1: “The truth is that Port Angeles has changed and not for the better. Crime, poverty and drug use has grown out of control.”

John Madden, running for position 2: “It is time to involve the public in their government at a new level.”

Jena Stamper, running for position 3: “I know what Port Angeles used to be and I know the untapped potential that it has. I have the vision and passion to help it return to its previous glory and beyond.”

John Proctor, running for position 4: “In the past 11 years that I have lived I Port Angeles, I have witnessed a decrease in police presence, deterioration of our park and recreation services and an influx of individuals living on our streets.”

They are all ready and willing to work hard for the citizens of Port Angeles.

Jodi Dotson

Port Angeles