LETTER: Cal Thomas an ignorant choice as regular conservative columnist

I appreciate the fact that, as a local newspaper, the Peninsula Daily News tries to maintain a balance between liberal and conservative opinions.

I do not appreciate your choice of columnist Cal Thomas as one of those writers.

Thomas is amazingly ignorant.

In one of his efforts in 2013, he placed Winston Churchill in the Crimean War — some 40 years before Winston’s birth.

His Jan. 12 column [“Not-So-Golden Globes”] was directed at Meryl Streep for criticizing the president-elect for making fun of a disabled reporter.

But Thomas did not try to defend the president-elect.

Instead, he chose to attack Hollywood and everything associated with it.

He refers to “Hollywood’s Golden Age.”

I’m 78, and I must have missed that golden time.

So, when the subject is Trump’s unbelievable insensitivity, Thomas’ tactic is to change the subject to how terrible everything is in Hollywood as compared to some time no one can remember.

New York Times columnist David Brooks is an intelligent, informed and conservative writer who makes logical arguments based on the facts of matters.

Why don’t you try to get him to make his opinions more regularly available to your readers and let Thomas remain lost in the Crimean War?

Allen J. Harrison,

Port Angeles

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Peninsula Daily News periodically publishes columns by David Brooks.