LETTER: Boat owners’ thanks

We own the M/Y Gold Rush and would like to thank the wonderful community of Port Angeles for voting us the best power boat in the port’s holiday boat light contest.

We think that it is absolutely wonderful that so many like what we do every year.

We were amazed at how many people came out that Friday night. It was a really good turnout.

It makes us feel great that we can bring some joy to the town that we love so much.

We have so much fun every year decorating the old boat with our grandkids.

We have been been doing it for years, long before there was a contest.

We just lover decorating the Gold Rush, making it fun and seeing people smile.

We feel that Christmas is a time for love and fun.

We say, again, thank you.

It might be fun next year if new friends might want to help out decorating, especially younger kids.

Anybody interested should feel free to get a hold of us.

Greg and Terry Nunn

Port Angeles

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