LETTER: Angry with Democrats

From Port Angeles

Joseph Biden is quoted as saying “We should consider again what can happen when equal justice is denied and when anger and violence and division are left unchecked.”

This from a Democrat.

Our governor is a Democrat.

Our attorney general is a Democrat.

Our state senator is a Democratic.

Our state representative is a Democrat.

Seattle’s mayor is a Democrat.

Seattle’s city council is Democrat.

They own the anger and violence.

Not one of them, not one, took any action until Donald Trump threatened to get involved.

President Trump is an embarrassment, but he at least seems to be trying to honor his promises and I’d prefer a loudmouth fireman who uses a fire hose to a politically correct one who doesn’t want to get his hands wet.

How in the world has it come to this?

Hubert Humphrey, thou shouldst be living at this hour.

Frank McPhee

Port Angeles

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