Sentenced murderer stays mum at trial

PORT ANGELES — Triple-murderer Ryan Warren Ward appeared in Clallam County Superior Court in shackles Wednesday, belligerent over being called to testify in his alleged co-conspirator’s trial and refusing to cooperate.

Ward, 39, who pleaded guilty in the Dec. 26, 2018, shooting deaths of three North Olympic Peninsula residents, was subpoenaed to testify in the triple-murder trial of accused co-conspirator Dennis Marvin Bauer, Ward’s 53-year-old uncle.

Ward was one of 83 witnesses subpoenaed by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to testify in Bauer’s trial for allegedly shooting to death Darrell Iverson, 57; his son, Jordan Iverson, 27, and Tiffany May, 26, Jordan Iverson’s girlfriend, at Darrell Iverson’s home on a narrow dirt byway off Deer Park Road.

Ward was sentenced last November to three consecutive life terms on three counts of first-degree aggravated murder in those deaths and multiple related weapons violations.

Ward took a different path Wednesday than Kallie Ann LeTellier, 37, a third alleged co-conspirator.

LeTellier spent her second day testifying against Bauer in exchange for pleading guilty to second-degree murder for killing May and receiving a 35-year prison sentence.

Ward and Bauer, enforcers for Darrell Iverson, an alleged methamphetamine dealer, according to court documents, were upset over the Iversons’ treatment of LeTellier, who said the Iversons raped her, according to court documents and LeTellier’s testimony.

Following the murders, they ransacked Iverson’s Bear Meadow Road property of guns, jewelry and other valuables, she said.

LeTellier had agreed to take the witness stand against Ward and Bauer before Ward pleaded guilty — without a plea deal — to murder and multiple firearms charges 10 days before Ward’s scheduled trial.

“I already said I’m not saying anything,” Ward told Deputy Prosecuting Jesse Espinoza.

“I refuse to speak. I’m not saying anything.”

Espinoza asked Ward if he remembered anything about the murders.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he responded.

“In your statement of defendant on plea of guilty, you explained why you were pleading guilty, is that not true?” Unger asked.

“I don’t know, is it?” Ward responded.

“Do you remember pleading guilty, Mr. Ward?” asked Judge Lauren Erickson.

Ward leaned back on the witness stand, his only acknowledgment a sigh audible throughout the courtroom.

After the 10-woman, six-man jury — including four unselected alternates — left the courtroom, Erickson allowed a recess at Unger’s request.

“Mr. Bauer is very, very upset,” Unger explained.

A Sheriff’s Office deputy gave Bauer a plastic cup of water while Bauer wiped his eyes, Unger’s hand on Bauer’s shoulder.

Espinoza asked Erickson to have Ward restrained because of belligerent behavior over being subpoenaed.

Ward appeared in court in shackles. Several sheriff’s office deputies and two state Department of Corrections officers were present for the few minutes Ward was on the witness stand.

“I don’t know this part, but I could imagine that, maybe over the last year or so, he would become hostile toward Mr. Bauer, who chose to go to trial,” she said. “He’s a bigger man, he looks like a very strong man, and now I’m hearing that he almost wants to cause a disturbance.”

Ward said he was afraid of Bauer. Ward said Bauer threatened his family following the murders, that he was a hit man for the Mexican Mafia and ate body parts to terrorize people, according to Ward’s probable cause statement.


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