Port Angeles man arrested for phone harassment

52-year-old booked on two counts

SEQUIM — A 52-year-old Port Angeles man has been arrested and booked for two counts of telephone harassment after Sequim Police Department received two reports of lewd phone calls.

Robert Fotens was arrested and booked him into the Clallam County Correctional Facility for the telephone harassment.

On and around July 28, local law enforcement officials received multiple reports in the Sequim and Port Angeles areas where the reporting party received a telephone call from an unknown male making lewd sounds and comments shortly after they answered the phone.

Two adult females — one at home, the other at a business, reported to Sequim police receiving lewd calls.

Law enforcement officials linked a phone number associated with similar complaints in 2019. According to a Sequim Police Department release, Port Angeles police officers contacted Fotens at his Port Angeles home, and he made general statements indicating knowledge of the phone calls, though he did not make specific admissions.

Sequim Police detectives then applied for and were granted a search warrant for telephone records related to the phone number making the calls. Sequim Police located additional evidence linking Fotens to the calls.

With the discovery of the new evidence, Sequim Police arrested Fotens.

According to Sequim Police, Fotens said during a subsequent interview he chose the phone numbers he called randomly.

Fotens has since been released from the Clallam County Correctional Facility and the case is being handled by the Clallam County Prosecutors Office.

Orders were issued to Fotens in Clallam County District Court, instructing him to have no contact with the victims.

If an order is violated, Fotens could be subject to arrest and additional charges, Sequim Police said.