LETTER: Second Amendment doesn’t trump kids’ rights

Our right to keep and bear arms does not trump our kids’ rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness when they simply want to be safe at school.

If gun rightists demanded guards be hired for schools or volunteered to act as guards, the problem would be solved.

Instead, kids watch helplessly as the slaughter continues — and adults fail to protect them. We who cherish our right to own arms have only ourselves to blame for this inevitable backlash.

We spend trillions overseas supposedly defending America but refuse to pay to protect Americans at home.

Is our right to own and bear arms greater than the kids’ right to be safe at school?

School shootings are nothing new, but they are becoming more frequent, according to media reports.

We’ve had over 20 this year alone.

Fear leads to anger which generates power.

What the kids are saying is: “If you won’t protect us from the lunatics with guns, we’ll demand access to guns for all be restricted.”

Sadly, power often corrupts.

We should therefore be wary of what power we grant to government, as it can create fearful demand that it be given more power by failing to protect our kids.

Governments that have disarmed their citizens often soon use arms against their citizens.

We must either pay for others to guard our schools or volunteer to be vetted to do it ourselves.

Rik Reynolds,

Port Angeles