Port incumbents report plans

Commission hopefuls prepare for filing period

Steve Burke.

Steve Burke.

PORT ANGELES — The four office holders of the only countywide positions up for election Nov. 2 among 88 seats on the North Olympic Peninsula have made their intentions known.

Port of Port Angeles commissioners Colleen McAleer and Steven Burke said Tuesday they will run for re-election.

Port of Port Townsend Commissioner Peter Hanke wants a third term, but his board colleague, Bill Putney, won’t seek a second four years on the board. Hanke represents Port Ludlow-Quilcene-area District 3.

The offices are among the elected city council, school board, hospital district and other tax district positions up for grabs on the Peninsula in the Nov. 2 off-year general election — 42 in Clallam County, 46 in Jefferson.

The candidate filing period is May 17-21.

McAleer is running for her third four-year term, and Burke his second after serving an initial two years in filling the unexpired term of Jim Hallett, who resigned.

“I really enjoy the privilege of working in our three communities, Forks, Port Angeles and Sequim, and doing economic development,” said Burke, the port board president and executive director of the Shore Aquatic Center. He represents Port Angeles-area District 2.

“I love that we’ve made great strides in environmental stewardship and cleanup of the K-Ply site and some smaller sites,” he said, adding Dash Air Shuttle Inc.’s recent commitment to provide commercial airline passenger service at the port’s William R. Fairchild International Airport to the list of accomplishments.

“The principle reason is I’m 74 now, and if I ran for another term, by the time that term is out, I will be 79,” Putney said Tuesday.

Putney represents Chimacum-area District 2.

“While I understand it’s not tragically old, I don’t know whether I will be able to give my full attention to the job,” Putney said, adding he has already endorsed Carol Hasse, who registered March 12 with the state Public Disclosure Commission to run for his position.

That allows Hasse, a Port Townsend resident, to collect campaign contributions before candidate filing week.

McAleer, a port staff member before being elected in 2013 and currently the Clallam County Economic Development Council executive director, said she planned to file her PDC paperwork Tuesday.

“I have a deep understanding of port operations that the port can provide to the community, and we are making great progress in so many fronts,” said McAleer, who represents Sequim-area District 1.

McAleer said she looks forward to developing the Marine Trades Center, finding a tenant for the port’s 93,550-square-foot 1010 Building and expanding the port’s presence on the east and west ends of the county.

Hanke, too, is looking forward to playing a role in the Port of Port Townsend’s future, he said Tuesday, his PDC paperwork on his desk, awaiting submission.

“We just brought on Eron Berg as the new executive director, and I want to keep that continuity going,” said Hanke, who runs Puget Sound Express, a family-owned passenger ferry and whale-watching business.

Hanke, seeking his third four-year term, wants to explore how the port can get more involved in broadband.

Here are office holders whose seats will be on the Nov. 2 ballot in both Clallam and Jefferson counties:

• Sequim School Board (Clallam, Jefferson): Brandino Gibson, Brian Kuh.

• Quillayute Valley School Board (Clallam, Jefferson): Kevin Hinchen, Ron Hurn.

• Forks Fire District 1 (Clallam, Jefferson): Anthony (Tony) Romberg.

• Sequim-area Fire District 3 (Clallam, Jefferson): G. Michael Gawley.

Here are office holders, other than Port of Port Angeles, whose seats will be on the Nov. 2 ballot in Clallam County:

• Clallam County Hospital District 1 (Forks Community Hospital): Donald Lawley; Position 5 vacant.

• Clallam County Hospital District 2 (Olympic Medical Center): Jim Leskinovitch, J. Thomas Oblak, Thom Hightower.

• Port Angeles City Council: La Trisha Suggs, Mike French, Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin, Kate Dexter.

• Sequim City Council: Sarah Kincaid, Mike Pence, Rachel Anderson, Brandon Janisse, Keith Larkin.

• Forks City Council: John D. Hillcar, Joe Soha; Mayor Tim Fletcher.

• Port Angeles School Board: Sarah Methner, Cindy Kelly.

• Crescent School Board: Sandy Middleton, Joey Currie.

• Cape Flattery School Board: Janine Ledford, Michael J. Lawrence, LeAnne Fletcher.

• Port Angeles-area (not including city) Fire District 2: David R. Whitney.

• Joyce-area Fire District 4: Terry Barnett.

• Clallam Bay-area Fire District 5: Greg Bellamy Sr.

• La Push-area Fire District 6: Thomas Rosmond.

• Park and Recreation District 1 (Sequim Aquatic Recreation Center-YMCA): Ray Heninger, Frank Pickering.

• Quillayute Park and Recreation District: Donald Grafstrom, Susie Brandelius.

• Black Diamond Water District: Sarah Martinez.

• Sunland Water District: Alan Frank.

Here are office holders, other than Port of Port Townsend, whose seats will be on the Nov. 2 ballot in Jefferson County:

• Port Townsend City Council: Michelle Sandoval, Ariel J. Speser, Pamela Adams.

• Port Townsend School Board: Jennifer James-Wilson, Constance Welch.

• Chimacum School Board: Sarah Martin, Mickey Nagy, Kathryn Lamka.

• Quilcene School Board: Paul Mahan, Cindy Pollard.

• Brinnon School Board: Mary Fickett, Shirley Towne.

• Queets-Clearwater School board: Sandra Wells-Kalama, Dorothy J. Cook, Kristeen Mowitch.

• East Jefferson County Hospital District 2 (Jefferson Healthcare Hospital): Cornelis Kees Kolff, Mari Dressler.

• West Jefferson County Hospital District 1: Nikki Hay, Carol Jean Young.

• East Jefferson Fire District 1: Deborah Stinson, George Randles.

• Quilcene Fire District 2: Melody Bacchus.

• Port Ludlow Fire District 3: Ronald Helmonds.

• Brinnon Fire District 4: Richard B. Moore, Ken McEdwards; Position 3 vacant.

• Discovery Bay Fire District 5: Ford Kessler.

• Clearwater Fire District 7: Steven Martin, Eugene Bunker, Wayne Sisco.

• Coyle-Thorndyke Park and Recreation District 1: Larry Robinson.

• Paradise Bay Water District 1: Cal White.

• Brinnon Water District 2: James Boyd.

• Brinnon Cemetery District 1: Myrtle Corey.

• Gardiner Cemetery District 3: Jim Hueter; Diane (Movius) Martin.

• Quilcene Cemetery District 2: Laurie K. Neuenschwander.


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Pete Hanke.

Pete Hanke.

Bill Putney.

Bill Putney.