OUR VIEW: Our neighbors need help

THE PAST WEEK has been difficult for all of us on the North Olympic Peninsula.

Snow accumulation measured in feet, with ice in some places and now weighed down by rain has kept many from being able to leave their homes.

We at the Peninsula Daily News know how difficult it is to shovel snow. Many of us have been doing it for days now.

Delivery of our papers has been delayed or on hold for many routes due to concerns about the safety of our drivers after the region was hit with three snowstorms.

Almost everyone is going through a rough time right now.

And many have stepped up to help.

We have published only a few of the stories of heroism and caring that have happened since the massive snowfall.

All are magnificent examples of good will toward others and we want to encourage all to continue to help their neighbors.

Some people are unable to shovel their driveways due to physical impairments, lack of proper tools or other reasons.

These people need our help.

Community dig-out parties are a way to alleviate the strain of the job. A group of people working together can accomplish much more in less time than one person overworking themselves trying to dig out.

Do you have a snow shovel and you’ve noticed your neighbors don’t? Why not offer to loan them the shovel, or help dig for them?

Is there a pile of snow at the end of your driveway left from a plow? After taking care of yours, why not look around and see if anyone else could use some assistance?

The temperatures are starting to warm up now and rain has been falling in some places. This means lots of snow melt or heavier snow to shovel.

This also means more dangers could present themselves.

Branches could break from trees weighted down with snow. Those branches might hit a home, a car or a person.

One way to help there is to shake some snow from reachable branches.

Snow accumulation on flat roofs could cause a collapse, potentially threatening lives. One way to help — if you’re able, have a ladder and it is safe to use it — is to offer a hand shoveling snow off a roof.

If you look around you, as we at the PDN have been doing, you’ll see people stepping forward to help in ways such as offering free coffee to first responders and strangers helping with stuck cars.

We encourage anyone who is able to be one of those unsung heroes. Go out with a shovel and see who needs help. Offer assistance to someone who is working alone.

And tell us what you have done or what you need. We may be able to get the word out about those who need help, or let people know about sacrifices made on behalf of others.

The sooner we can all dig out of this mess, the better off our whole community will be.

We hope all will be part of the solution.


The Peninsula Daily News editorial board consists of Publisher Terry Ward and Executive Editor Leah Leach.

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