LETTER: Trump’s lies trump his ‘presidential’ facade

To those who believe in “The Donald,” I suggest shaking the sand out of your ears.

I find myself both amused and shaking my head at those who label Hillary Clinton “Lyin’ Hillary.”

Are they even remotely aware of the fact that Trump lies on a daily basis and always gets caught?

He said he received a letter or call from the NFL about debate dates and times — a lie, since the NFL refuted that it sent him a letter.

Need I go on?

To those who seriously believe that President Obama and Hillary were responsible for the Benghazi deaths, I do pity your thought process.

Those of you who seriously are supporting Trump, I suggest you shake the sand out of your ears.

Trump knows more about ISIS than anyone?

If so, why doesn’t he share his wealth of information with those who can help us defeat ISIS?

Does he or does he not know [Russian President Vladimir] Putin?

Did he or didn’t he ever meet him? (He tells us both.)

I won’t be surprised if before the general election is here that he will admit this whole scam was a lark and walk away.

Finally, to those who believe in “The Donald,” I have a bridge for sale (built by Mexicans with Mexican money).

Where is it? Duh.

James P. Shelley,

Port Angeles

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