LETTER: Port Townsend councilman should have done his homework on homeless encampments

The Affordable Housing Action Group picks up a great deal of the slack during the summer.

How irresponsible of our elected official, Port Townsend City Councilman Bob Gray, to have not checked his facts before speaking out publicly [“Council Focuses On PT Camps; Homeless Topic Of City Plan Talk,” PDN Aug. 31].

He would have discovered that the Affordable Housing Action Group does the community a great service by providing, with the help of other local agencies, a place for displaced people to go during the summer months when the winter shelter is closed.

These people are safe, relatively comfortable and have sanitation and garbage facilities, as well as oversight while tourists are enjoying Port Townsend and not encountering homeless folks roaming the streets at night looking for a place to lay their weary heads.

Jan Krick,

Port Townsend

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