LETTER: Don’t buy rabbits

With spring and the Easter holiday almost upon us, I would like to remind people to please not buy baby rabbits that are sometimes sold this time of year.

Here are the reasons:

Some rabbits are purchased as an impulse buy because they are cute and symbolize Easter.

Unfortunately, when they grow up or people tire of taking care of them, they are often released into the wild.

Domestic rabbits are not meant to live in the wild and do not have the same natural instincts as wild or native rabbits.

They often have a difficult life in the wild and are often killed by coyotes or other predators.

If they do survive, they will breed with other rabbits that have been abandoned.

If rabbits are kept, they are often housed in tiny cages with inappropriate food and water.

Many rabbits are released in neighborhoods because animal shelters are frequently at capacity and the ones they already have are difficult to get adopted.

Rabbits can make wonderful pets if they are cared for properly.

They are intelligent, playful and affectionate.

If you decide you would like to have a rabbit as a pet, please go to your library or online and research their care.

Also, please visit your local animal shelter that cares for rabbits to adopt one.

Anita Shearer