LETTER:War no solution

War is never a solution, but that is especially true now when every country must use every available resource to solve the existential problems that threaten all life on this planet.

The artificial lines that have been drawn on the maps of the world are for political purposes and do nothing to promote peace within a country or to encourage cooperation between countries to find solutions to the threats of increasing natural disasters fueled by climate change and the trauma we are all experiencing from the pandemic.

Watching the worldwide news documents the same problems in every country to some degree.

The body politic, all the people in a particular country considered as a single group, are individuals, who are all bound by the rules of various forms of government, yet they seldom agree to abide by the unique rules imposed.

Now is not the time for war with another country; it’s time for every country to find solutions at home.

As individuals, we have double duties to perform. We must declare a moratorium against war with each other and, as the body politic, we must call on those we elect to govern us in our local, state and national governments to declare a moratorium against war in their ranks. President Biden must call on the government leaders of every country to declare a moratorium against war with other countries.

We all worked together during World War II.

Peace requires the same effort to avoid another world war.

Joy Beaver