LETTER:Vote for French

Bill Peach proclaims that he provides balance to the Board of Clallam County Commissioners, where he serves as a Republican alongside Democrat Mark Ozias and unaffiliated Randy Johnson.

But balance is not achieved when one of the individuals leans off the end of the scale.

When Peach first ran for office in 2014, I asked for his stance on climate change.

He replied that he’d read two books on the subject, one by journalist Naomi Klein and the other by a climate-denier named Ian Plimer.

Guess which one he found more persuasive.

I asked if he was willing to bet our children’s future on his conclusion.

His reply by email: “I am an engineer and clearly understand quantative [sic] analysis. The science of climate change is in its infancy.”

While our glaciers melt away, Peach has steadfastly stood in the way of county action on climate.

Is balance achieved when two of three commissioners come from the timber industry?

A National Research Council study showed that time and again, counties controlled by extractive industries are among the most impoverished, revenue-poor, economically unstable and skewed by vested interests.

We can do better.

Mike French is a public-spirited, open-minded, proactive young business owner who has helped the city of Port Angeles move into the 21st century, tackling challenges such as housing, homelessness, crime, addiction, climate preparedness, economic development and collaboration with the great variety of people and institutions that call this place home.

His true sense of balance will serve this county well.

Ed Chadd

Port Angeles