LETTER:True colors

Every so often MAGA Republicans show their true colors.

Biden recently pointed out Republicans still wanting to eliminate Social Security and Medicare to balance the budget.

Most older Americans remember Republicans twisting abortion and welfare to get elected for 40 years starting with Reagan.

However, some Republicans go over the top with the whole issue of Reagan welfare mothers.

In 2017 Republican Representative David Eastman of Wasilla, Alaska actually suggested women got pregnant in Alaska to get a free trip to the city for abortions.

More recently Eastman stated “fatal child abuse, while not good for the child,” would actually be a “benefit to society” resulting in a “cost savings” because that child would “not need any government services growing up.”

While Republicans censured Eastman over this, it is no secret pro-life Republicans are really pro-selective-life.

It is a variation on the old joke that pro-lifers really believe life begins at conception and ends at birth.

Cheryl Nash

Port Angeles