LETTER:Thanks for clinic

My husband and I went to get our first COVID-19 vaccine at 7 a.m Jan. 14.

We live within three blocks of the vaccination tent but found we had to drive east on Washington for a mile to get in line.

The local police did a good job directing the traffic and ensuring that the cars in line were equal to the amount of shots available.

It appeared that many were turned away.

It took us 4½ hours to complete the process to reach the site.

I am writing to you not to complain but to compliment the Jamestown Clinic on their organization at the vaccination site.

We were given paperwork at the church parking lot where several lines of cars waited.

We then were directed to Carrie Blake Park were we wove through to the tent and received our vaccine.

The health care professional did a great job with the injection, no pain.

After waiting for 15 minutes to ensure there was no reaction, we were on our way.

This all went like clockwork.

Obviously if there were more people to do the injections this process would have been shorter but I assume there was limited staff to do the job.

Thank you Jamestown clinic.

Claudia Serafin