LETTER:So what?

Those who want to save the planet, so their grandchildren can actually live here, are accepting the fact that climate change is real, and we must do something about it now.

When the science is so clear and the terrible results are seen on the evening news for all to witness, why fight these efforts?

Is the need to “own the libs” so powerful you will ignore simple facts and fight the efforts to make things better?

I get so tired of the constant bashing of our state government because we have the “highest gas prices in the country.”

So what?

Hasn’t anyone bothered to check the reality of our prices?

Even as we sit as the most expensive in the country, there are just a handful of civilized countries that are cheaper.

Gas in most countries on Earth is two to four times what we pay here.

Stop complaining about the little bit extra you pay at the pump and get on board with the efforts to cut carbon and emissions, or just admit you don’t care about the future.

Robert Nicholls

Port Angeles