LETTER:Sequim council

We will be voting for Sequim City Council candidates and I recommend the experienced team of those who have been sitting on the council and business people: Sarah Kincaid, Mike Pence, Keith Larkin, Patrick Day and Daryl Ness. Experience counts.

There are also five candidates being promoted by Sequim Good Governance League (SGGL).

I think they are highly political Progressives. They are part of an organization that failed to comply with campaign laws regarding donation limits and Public Disclosure Commission reporting requirements.

I think they are influenced by Tim Wheeler, a communist, and if elected, they will lead Sequim in the wrong direction.

We have seen what these ideologies have done to San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and other cities.

That’s wrong for Sequim.

Let’s keep Sequim, Sequim, an idyllic town, the lavender capital attraction, and peaceful, crime-free living.

Bobbie Piety