LETTERS: Olympic Game Farm deserves public support

Support game farm

The Olympic Game Farm and the Beebe family are an asset to our community, and have been since Lloyd and Catherine Beebe settled here.

They worked with the movie industry, training and caring for many of the animals used to create the Disney movies we raised our children on or grew up on ourselves.

When the movie industry no longer needed these animals, the Game Farm continued to care for them as well as other animals brought to them by the Department of Fish and Wildlife or others.

The Game Farm does not sit idly by and allow animals to be uncared for.

Through the years they have steadily invested in updating their facilities to better provide for their animals.

All improvements are paid for with revenue from their legitimate tax-paying business, in spite of the costly requirements put on them by government regulation.

Considering the steps the Game Farm has already taken to improve and continue care of the animals under their protection, we encourage their critics to work with the Beebe family in caring for the animals, rather than making the Beebe family spend money on attorneys to protect their farm, business and animals from attacks.

The Sequim Prairie Grange encourages our community to support the Olympic Game Farm and the Beebe family in protecting and caring for the animals they give homes to and for the ones they will take in and care for in the future.

Joy Headley,