LETTER:Pause a waste

Dr. Allison Berry is exactly right when she describes as “a waste” and “a silly pause” the state’s recent guidance stopping counties from vaccinating people in the next phase until all the rest of the state catches up. (PDN, Feb. 23)

What matters to the well-being and the freedom of the people of Clallam County is the percentage of the surrounding population that has been vaccinated, not the percentage of counties on the other side of the state.

To stop vaccinating now, based on some arbitrarily-imposed requirement, would be in my opinion just plain dumb.

This all seems related to recent state plans severely limiting local health systems control; first, moving Clallam into a four-county region for COVID reporting/restrictions; then legislation creating regional health systems.

It seems like someone in Olympia may not have enough to do

Clallam has done remarkably well with its vaccination program.

I say, let’s tell the state to leave well enough alone.

Suzanne Hadley

Port Angeles