LETTER:Numbers guy

One endemic problem with engineers, even recovering engineers like myself, is that we that we frequently disregard subjective rhetoric but, instead, concentrate on objective facts and, even more importantly, numbers.

For instance, I pay scant attention to Biden’s explanations of his border policy but, instead fixate on just how many uneducated and unskilled immigrants he wishes to inflict on the American economy through his reversal of the immigration policies of the previous administration.

Is it thousands?



Just give me a number.

Moreover, given that some of these immigrants are, in fact, criminals, either in their own country or ours, how many do we simply refuse to incarcerate and/or prematurely release under the “catch and release program” before we, as a country, descend into lawlessness and risk a total breakdown of society.

I need a number.

And, turning to Biden’s ill-conceived and self-destructive energy strategy, if it can be called a strategy, just how much sub-standard oil should we purchase from nations that don’t like us before we resume producing our own higher-quality blend and employing otherwise unemployed US citizens to do so.

How ‘bout a number.

Further, just how high should we allow our inflation to rise before moving to reverse its course?

Because, since Biden assumed office, inflation has inflated by more than 13 percent.

How much further should we allow it to inflate?

We want a number.

Lastly, how many terms will Biden serve as president.

The country needs a number.

Please make it only one.

Dick Pilling

Port Angeles