LETTER:Integrity in elections

Signs associating a slate of candidates associated with Donnie Hall and Jim McEntire with a call to stop a methadone clinic in Sequim have appeared in various locations in Sequim.

The Jamestown Healing Clinic is a done deal.

It is not a methadone dose-and-go facility.

It is a state-of-the-art facility for treating opioid addiction.

Candidates Ness, Day, Pence and Larkin recently moved here.

They were not involved in any decision-making about the clinic.

Do these candidates really want to continue the discord that has rent Sequim apart for nearly two years?

Do they really want to promote disinformation that has created such discord?

And now, the supporters of the Donnie Hall/Jim McEntire slate of candidates claim that Sequim Good Governance League candidates are communists and Marxists.

That is simply not true.

It is time for Donnie Hall, Jim McEntire and their slate of candidates to condemn the lies, disinformation, and propaganda that their supporters are using to demonize citizens who are running for office.

Elections are the very foundation of our democracy.

Let ours move forward with integrity so voters, rather than Mayor Armacost, can decide who they want on our City Council.

Chris Walker